A True Look at Freddie Freeman’s 2020 MVP Chances

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Last week, official Braves social media began pushing a hashtag campaign for #MVFree to create some buzz around Freddie Freeman’s MVP campaign. This made me think, how good really are Freeman’s chances of winning the MVP this season?

The common fan might be surprised to see Freeman as an MVP candidate since he really has not gotten a lot of media hype, but he certainly has the numbers to back one up this season. Freeman is third in the National League with a .340 batting average (with significantly more at-bats than the two guys ahead of him), second in the league in total hits with 66, leading the league in doubles with 20, and tied for the league lead in both walks with 41 and RBI with 48. It is also worth noting that Freeman is no slouch when it comes to power, as he has 11 homers on the year.

With all of that said, Freeman is really seen as a super steady and reliable bat, but he probably is not seen as flashy as many younger players in the league which probably is a bit of a disadvantage. It would be really interesting to see voters not give consideration to a guy that is batting .340, but according to the latest MVP Poll, that might be the case.

The latest poll of 30 reporters had the Padres’ Fernando Tatis Jr. with 28 first-place votes. The poll had Tatis, Mookie Betts, Mike Yastrzemski, Ian Happ, and Trea Turner as the top five in the league. Tatis definitely deserves a lot of love for the season he has had to this point, but Freeman at least deserves enough recognition to be in the top five.

The Braves first baseman is very quietly having arguably the best season in his entire career, but maybe a little too quiet to be considered for the MVP. In short, it seems that the only people that really understand Freeman’s value are people that watch the Braves often- and Chipper Jones.

At the end of the day, Fernando Tatis Jr. or Mookie Betts probably deserves to come away with the award, but it would be a shame if Freeman, who has been rock solid both at the field and at the plate for a division winning team, to not be one of the finalists for this season’s MVP and receive consideration from the voters. The numbers are all there- it’s just that the media hype is not.