epsnau-logoESPN 106.7 is Auburn/Opelika’s unquestioned radio connection to the Worldwide Leader in Sports, ESPN. Let us deliver your message to our listeners. 

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Jordyn Dawson

Jordyn Dawson

Account Executive


John Bodiford

John Bodiford

Senior Sales Advisor


ESPN 106.7 Delivers An Educated and Affluent Male Audience

For businesses that want to reach men who love sports – and who have the disposable income to purchase products and services – there is no better place to deliver their message than ESPN 106.7.

Aubrey Stuart

Aubrey Stuart

Account Executive


Why Advertise on ESPN 106.7?

Here’s a look at the radio sports audience, using a variety of sources:

  • 62% of radio sports listeners are age 25-54
  • 52% are 18-44
  • 63% men, 37% women
  • Nearly two-thirds are college graduates or have attended college—twice the national average
  • 68% are employed full-time; 73% are employed either full-time or part-time
  • 38% have household incomes of $50,000 + (only 33% of TV viewers do)
  • 52% have household incomes of $40,000 + (only 46% of TV viewers do)
  • 34% earn over $100,000, compared to just 15% of the general population
  • Median household income $81,560
Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor

Account Executive


Because the people who listen to sports on radio are folks YOU want to reach!

  • Over 20% are managers or administrators, more than twice the national average
  • More likely to be in a professional, technical, manager, or sales position
  • More likely to own their own home
  • More likely to be married
  • Own stock—65% more likely than the average American
  • Own mutual funds—82% more likely
  • 3+ domestic air trips in past year—106% more likely
  • 3+ foreign air trips in past year—82% more likely
  • Belong to frequent flyer program—84% more likely
  • Own luxury car—42% more likely
  • Own sport utility vehicle—40% more likely
  • Trade stocks, bonds or funds online—163% more likely
  • Bought a new car in the past 12 months—61% more likely
  • Bought a new domestic car in the past 12 months—37% more likely
  • Bought a new imported car in the past 12 months—29% more likely
  • Bought a major kitchen appliance in the past 12 months—24% more likely
  • Bought household furniture in the past 12 months—33% more likely
Steve Witten

Steve Witten

General Sales Manager


  • Bought sporting goods in the past 12 months—54% more likely
  • Shopped at a department, discount, clothing or children’s store in past 12 months—11% more likely
  • Opened a checking or savings account in the past 12 months—52% more likely
  • Drunk wine or beer—23% more likely

ESPN 106.7 is Auburn/Opelika’s sports radio leader. Let us help you reach our listeners!

 Sources: AcWit, BIA/Kelsey, Gallup, Interep, MediaMark, MRI, Nielsen, Simmons

The ESPN 106.7 Audience


Demographic Profile – Adults 18+
Gender: Education:
Men 78.7% College Graduate or More 46.6%
Women 21.2% Some College 28.7%
High School Grad or GED 20.8%
Age: <Grade 12 Education   3.9%
18-24    4.7%
25-34 19.8% Occupation:
35-44 22.9% Professional 18.0%
45-54 21.8% Management/Business 18.4%
55-64 17.0% Sales and Office 16.7%
65+ 13.7% Construction/Maintenance   6.4%
Median Age 46.2 yrs Other 17.2%

Source: gfK MRI Doublebase – 2015

Adults 18+ – Total Week Cume Audience for Formats

Household Income
$100K+ 46.4%
$75,000-$99,999 16.3%
$50,000-$74,999 17.4%
$30,000-$49,999 10.3%
<$30,000   9.6%
Medium Household Income $94,500