Free Money Friday Every Day: Conference Championship Betting Preview


One of the great things about NFL Championship Weekend is that there are only two game to agonize about for an entire week. I locked in my ATS bets on Sunday, so I could spend the last six days just pouring over the prop bet slate. I’m 2-0 on prop bets this year, so I have a reputation to uphold. Let’s do it.

NFL (52-56-1) but (8-5 in the playoffs):

  • Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs
    • Titans (+8.5)
      • The Titans have been incredible at controlling the tempo, being efficient on offense and defense, and, obviously, running the football. This should be an incredibly fun game between two teams with the most contrasting styles possible. I don’t know if Tennessee will be able to win the game outright, but I will be rooting like hell for them to do it. I do think this game will be closer than most people think. Fun fact: Tennessee actually has more TD drives of 3 minutes or less this season than KC does. As much and as well as they run the ball, the Titans have an incredibly explosive offense.
    • Prop Bets:
      • P. Mahomes O2.5 Pass TDs
      • D. Williams O3.5 Recs
      • D. Williams O28 Rec Yds
      • T. Hill U75.5 Rec Yds
      • R. Tannehill U230.5 Pass Yds
      • C. Davis U2.5 Recs
      • C. Davis U38 Rec Yds
      • D. Henry O111.0 Rush Yds
  • Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers
    • 49ersĀ (-6.5)
      • The 49ers are just bulldozing everyone. Their defense has gotten healthy at the perfect time. The three-headed monster at running back cannot be stopped, and George Kittle is the best TE in the league (do not come at me with Travis Kelce). Jimmy G is the best looking QB left in the playoffs, and that has to mean something. The Green Bay offense has been just as bad this year as it was last year, but the defense has been a little better which has made the offense look better. The 49ers also beat the Packers by approximately a billion earlier this season. I’m expecting the 49ers to crush GB’s will to live.
    • Prop Bets:
      • R. Mostert O52 Rush Yds
      • A. Rodgers U1.5 Pass TDs
      • A. Rodgers U238.5 Pass Yds
      • J. Graham U2.5 Recs
      • J. Graham U22.5 Rec Yds
      • D. Adams O83.5 Rec Yds