The SEC Report Picks: Wednesday, March 6

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday on The SEC Report, Will Schuette (@Will_Schuette) and I, Michael Pappas (@CouchPaptato), make our SEC College Basketball Picks. You can listen to our show from 1 – 2 pm every weekday on ESPN 106.7, the ESPN106.7 app, or right here on under the Listen Live tab.

The lines on college basketball games do not come out until the day of the games, so we decided that it would be best to just pick the games straight up. This was mainly because we wanted to make picks for the weekend games during Free Money Friday on The SEC Report. If you want picks ATS, or you’re looking for just extra picks follow us on twitter, or you can follow me in the Action Network app (@CouchPaptato). Our records since we started tracking our picks, January 28th when I became Will’s full time co-host:

Will: 68% Overall (76% in the SEC, 55% on bonus picks)

Michael: 61% Overall (65% in the SEC, 53% on bonus picks)

Let’s get into it. Here are tonight’s picks. For more information as to why the guys pick each game the way they do, listen to today’s SEC Report Podcast in the Podcast Center or on Apple Podcasts:

SEC Picks:

Missouri @ Georgia, 5:30 pm, SECN

  • Will: Georgia
  • Michael: Georgia

#10 LSU @ Florida, 6 pm, ESPN2

  • Will: LSU
  • Michael: LSU

Arkansas @ Vanderbilt, 7:30 pm, SECN

  • Will: Vanderbilt
  • Michael: Vanderbilt


#16 Marquette @ Seton Hall, 5:30 pm, FS1

  • WillSeton Hall
  • Michael: Marquette


About the Author: I am Michael Pappas, aka THE @CouchPaptato, and these are picks from the couch given out live on The SEC Report. Not necessarily  from my couch. Usually my couch…because I don’t often leave my apartment. I have a really great couch. Any couch is great though, I don’t discriminate. My home couch is in Dallas, TX, but for the last 5 years my butt has happily been couching in Auburn, AL. Hit me up on twitter or at and let me know what the view is like from your couch. Or how stupid the view is from my couch.