Tami Blackerby Wins the ESPN 106.7 Bowl Mania Contest

By January 13, 2017ESPN 106.7 News


With the end of bowl season also comes the end of the ESPN 106.7 Bowl Mania contest. Tami Blackerby came out on top of the over 60 entries we received this year with 29 correct picks out of the 42 total bowl games in this year’s bowl season. Tami won our prize package which was comprised of 3 Auburn Football Documentaries, Auburn Network T-shirts, a ESPN 106.7 coffee mug, and a pair of tickets to the Iron Bowl of Basketball later this month!

The best pick from the ESPN 106.7 staff was Coach Chuck Furlow, who had 24 correct picks (24/42)

Rest of our staff turned out like this:

Drew Forehand (21/42) (Drew also correctly picked the entire playoff including the final score of the championship game.)

Dana Sulonen (21/42)

Bill Cameron (21/42)

Mike Hubbard (21/42)

Zac Blackerby (21/42)

Riley Hubbard (20/42)


Thanks to all of the entries into this year’s contest- to see how you finished out, click here.