Auburn High Basketball Claims Regular Season Area Title

By January 31, 2017Auburn High News

After finishing out area play for the season, Auburn High, Smith Station High, and Central High were all tied at the top of their divisions and had even head-to-head record. How do you find out who gets the first round bye and home court advantage in the area tournament then? A coin flip of course! Tails didn’t fail for Auburn High School, so they get a first round bye in the area championship, and a berth in the regional championship no matter how they play in the Area 4 championship game.

Smiths Station and Central will need to play a game at Auburn High School on February 9th to find out who will play AHS in the area championship game on February 11th (also at Auburn High School).

Don’t forget that every playoff game the Tigers play in can be heard on ESPN 106.7, online at, or on the ESPN 106.7 app!


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