Former Auburn High Standout Rowdey Jordan Returns to Auburn as a MSU Bulldog


One of the best Auburn High Baseball players in history returns home to battle the Auburn University Tigers.

This weekend’s baseball series in Plainsman Park featuring Auburn hosting the Mississippi State Bulldogs will have a strong local tie. Rowdey Jordan, a freshman for Mississippi State has been a staple for Auburn High Baseball the past several years and has taken the next step in his baseball career by moving to Starkville.

Despite Jordan being a big story line in this weekend’s series, he will be focused on the games and try to treat it as a normal and routine road series.

“The only real big difference is that I have a lot of friends there and it’s my hometown,” he said. “Other than that, we’re going to try to treat it the same and not make it bigger than what it is.”

When asked about how he is preparing for an Auburn team that has lost four straight games, Jordan said it’s all about momentum.

“I think our preparation is to keep our momentum from this past weekend”, the freshman Bulldog said. “We’ve gotten better every weekend and we’re playing better so just keep the momentum. We’re going to pitch well, play defense well and we’ll hopefully we’ll be able to hit. Just get after them and attack all three days and just let it play out.”

Jordan has made plays and has been a key part of Mississippi State’s success this season. The former Auburn high school standout hit a grand slam earlier in the season against New Mexico State.

“We had a scouting report,” Jordan said. “I think it was 86 to 88, it was just attack, attack the fast ball. It was bases loaded, he’s going to try to get ahead in the count so he’s going to attack you, so attack him back. I just had a good swing on a good pitch.”

Many people close to the Auburn High School baseball program say that Jordan is the best baseball player to come through AHS Head Coach Matt Cimo’s program.

“His presence in leadership out there is why kids looked up to him,” Cimo said. “Rowdey was a kid who always came through at big times. He had those qualities you didn’t have to coach. He was just a great player to have around.”

Jordan is aware of the honor and the high praise.

“That really means a lot because there’s been some great players that have come through Auburn High,” Jordan said. “Especially Andrew Naismith, who was really good when he was there and Ryan Watson as well. We had a lot of guys that was really good, so it means a lot and I’m very thankful to just have a good career there. It was real fun.”

Over Jordan’s three-year career at Auburn High School, Jordan carried a .411 batting average, recorded 155 hits, 145 runs, 96 RBI, 39 doubles, and 21 home runs.

Jordan was on ESPN 106.7’s The Lunch Break earlier this week. Below is the complete interview.