Days to Auburn Kickoff: 96 Wayne Dickens

Only 96 days to Auburn football! Today we celebrate Wayne Dickens who proudly wore number 96 during his time at Auburn.

Dickens’ football success didn’t start once he got to college, however. He had an impressive high school career in his hometown of Lakeland, Florida registering seventy-nine tackles, 9.5 sacks, five fumbles caused, two fumbles recovered, nine tackles for loss, and five broken up passes. He was ranked the top defensive tackle in Florida by the Florida Times Union, and the number two defensive lineman in the southeast.

Upon arrival at Auburn University in 2001, Dickens’ was redshirted his freshman year. His sophomore year, he played in all thirteen games including three starts. In his 200waynedickens2 season as a sophomore, he finished with nineteen tackles, and five for loss. That year he was named the Most Improved Defensive Lineman by the coaching staff. By his senior year, he became a starting tackle for Auburn. During his time in college, Dickens became close with the team chaplain, Chette Williams, and began getting very involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

He signed with the Tennessee Titans as a free agent, but was dropped during camp. After getting cut, Chette offered him a job with the FCA speaking to high school students and athletes. The Titans called back wanting to get Dickens to re-sign after two athletes were injured, but Dickens said he had found his calling.