Blackerby Breakdown: Nate Craig-Myers will see a lager role in 2018

By March 28, 2018Talent Columns

Over the last third of the season a year ago, many Auburn fans were screaming to see more of wide receiver Nate Craig-Myers in Auburn’s passing game. With some damage being done to the Tigers’ receiving depth over the course of spring practice, Craig-Myers may see an even larger role in Gus Malzahn’s offense this season.

In Auburn’s game against Mercer last year, Craig-Myers was used at a pretty high clip as he was a fixture in Auburn’s offense on that Saturday. He was able to make a difference in a couple of different ways but in this edition of the Blackerby Breakdown, let’s look at what he can do to improve his game for next season.

Fight for the football

No offense to Mercer’s defensive backs but Craig-Myers should have been able to come away with this football. The Mercer defender rips the ball away from the receiver and goes into the stat sheet as an interception against Jarrett Stidham.

Win 50/50 balls

Larger-framed receivers are expected to be able to win contested matchups. In 2018, Craig-Myers was not able to consistently win in these situations. He has a chance to be looked at more in 2018 in the redzone and help out Stidham. In the play above, he should have been able to convert this situation into a reception and in 2018 he will have a chance to do just that.

Step up

This last point is not a gif (obviously) but on Tuesday’s edition of The Auburn Podcast, host Zac Blackerby talks about how Craig-Myers is a guy who must step up in Auburn’s offense in 2018.