Blackerby Breakdown: Kam Martin’s elite speed can make a difference

By March 14, 2018Talent Columns

In this week’s edition of the Blackerby Breakdown, we look at Auburn running back and his elite speed and how it has been displayed so far as part of his Auburn career.

Martin houses a big run

In this play, it is clear that Martin is fast enough to fly through the entire Georgia Southern defense. Granted the offensive line did an excellent job, the defense was out of position, and the defensive backs were turned away from Martin, he still was able to reach the end zone.

Martin gets to the open field

Once again, Martin’s speed paired with the offensive line doing their job will equal solid chunk yards for the Auburn offense. he does some minor change of direction to better his position in the open field and makes the most of this run.

Martin shows patienceĀ and burst

Auburn fans saw a lot of poise out of their key running back last season. Martin did not show it often but he did on this run against Georgia Southern. After passing behind the line to diagnose the defense, he was able to burst through the line and pick up solid yardage.