Blackerby Breakdown: Auburn Falls in SEC Championship Game

By December 6, 2017Talent Columns

This week’s Blackerby Breakdown features the top three Jarrett Stidham throws in Auburn’s loss against Georgia in the SEC Championship game.

Though the Auburn offense fell flat after scoring on their first drive of the game, Stidham still had a decent game throughout the championship game. Let’s take a look at his best three throws from Saturday.

Stidham gets a score early

This throw is close to perfect. I love the speed of the throw. I love the placement. Also, props to Nate Craig-Myers on bringing in the catch. Those short quick throws are harder to bring in than it looks especially with that kind of velocity. He’s grown a lot as a wide receiver this year.

Stidham finds his roommate downfield


Stidham makes this throw look easy. It was his first big throw in the game. He bails the pocket at the perfect time and quickly gets his eyes down field. He finds Chandler Cox and has a solid throw down field.

Stidham works his magic

The Auburn quarterback was on the move early and often in Saturday’s game. He buys time in the pocket and finds his man. The Tigers faced many crucial third downs in the SEC Championship and Stidham was running around too much on third and medium and third and long situations. Though he converted on some, you never want your quarterback having to consistently make plays like this one.

Bonus GIF: Former Tiger quarterback doesn’t finish the play

Former backup Auburn quarterback John Franklin III joined Lane Kiffin at Florida Atlantic just weeks before the start of this season. He uses his elite speed to his advantage on this play but drops the ball before crossing the goal line. His team won the game in commanding fashion but as an upperclassman, you never want to make plays like that. It will be interesting to see what the NFL thinks of his elite speed.