Blackerby Breakdown: Auburn basketball keeps slamming it home

By January 24, 2018Talent Columns

On this edition of the Blackerby Breakdown, we take a look at three slams that the Tigers made against their comeback win Georgia. We will also look at Senior Patrick Keim’s unprecedented level of swag.

Mustapha Heron drives hard

This put the exclamation mark on the comeback win against Auburn’s rival on Saturday. Heron has shown that his strength has been attacking the basket. His head coach, Bruce Pearl, is hoping to see more of this throughout the season.

Bryce Brown is a difference maker

Brown has been huge for Auburn this season. While leading the Tigers in scoring, he has also shown the ability to make an impact on the defensive side of the game. We see him single-handedly force a turnover and attack the rim for an easy score.

Anfernee McLemore kept Auburn alive

In the first half, Auburn was really bad. Luckily for Auburn, McLemore’s 10 first-half points generated some points to keep Auburn in the game at the half. The big man also knocked down two shots from long range.

A look at Keim taking his game to the next level

Coach Pearl has talked about Keim’s leadership in the locker room. The video of him being awarded a scholarship earlier this season was incredible due to the fact that his teammates were so happy for him. It says a lot. He’s been a blast to watch this season as he gets more fired up than anyone when one of his teammates make a play.