Auburn High’s Ted Wages Living Dream in Army-Navy Game

Every year, after the conference championships are decided, the following Saturday is dominated by one tremendous scene, the Army-Navy game. Many call it the greatest rivalry in sports and the respect that the two squads have for one another back it up. The history. The tradition. The prestige.

This year, there’s an Auburn connection involved in the match up.

Ted Wages, an Auburn High School graduate, is suiting up for his first time in the annual Army-Navy game.

Ted Wages (12) with LtG Hall Moore at Ft. Benning.

Ted Wages (12) with LtG Hall Moore at Ft. Benning.

“This is really a dream come true for Ted,” said Dr. Trey Wages, Ted’s father. “There are so many people in the Auburn area that have West Point connections. West Point grads, even former West Point football players that have helped him navigate the process. And now he’s sitting on the cusp on being able to compete in America’s game.”

Dr. Wages has great respect and admiration for the local community.

“The Auburn community has been an incredible influence on Ted,” Wages said. “The coaching staff at the high school and the teaching faculty at Auburn High School. The community itself has been really influential in Ted’s life and groomed him to be in a very special place.

“Saturday will mark a seminal day for him that he dreamed of when he was 12 years old. When his buddies were in town watching Auburn, he was imagining himself playing for the Black Knights. It is a special place and a special game and more importantly, some really special young men.”

Of those young men, Wages will not be the only players that hails from Alabama. Both Army and Navy have seven men representing Alabama on their rosters.

Army’s men from Alabama:

Cam Thomas #4 Freshman QB Huntsville, Ala
Mike Reynolds #10 Junior DB Dothan, Ala
Jeremiah Lowery #34 Freshman LB Elmore, Ala
Jarrod Jones #44 Junior LB Prattville, Ala
Ted Wages IV #65 Freshman DL Auburn, Ala
Austin Schuffert #74 Junior OL Prattville, Ala
Rahmeel Cook #92 Freshman DL Gallion, Ala

Navy’s men from Alabama:

Garret Lewis #7 Junior QB Buhl, Ala
Marcus Wiggins #10 Freshman DB Mobile, Ala
Dalen Morris #13 Freshman QB Huntsville, Ala
Joshua Walker #24 Senior FB Decatur, Ala
Carter Bankston #33 Sophomore OLB Birmingham, Ala
Walker Little #35 Sophomore OLB Mobile, Ala
Keller Farni #97 Freshman K Mobile, Ala

Dr. Wages had an answer as to why Army’s squad was well represented by men from Alabama. “West Point has a distinctively Southern flair to their coaching staff, Dr. Wages explained. “Coach Monken, in addition to his tenure at the United State Naval Academy as an assistant coach, with Coach Paul Johnson who is now the coach at Georgia Tech, he followed Coach Johnson down there.” Wages explained that he eventually became the head coach at Georgia Southern. “He and his staff have a southeastern footprint.”

Army takes on Navy in Philadelphia at 2 o’clock central time.

Here’s the full conversation with Dr. Wages about his son, Ted, and the Auburn connections in Army-Navy game.