Auburn defensive end Marlon Davidson thinks he can run down a leopard…

After Auburn’s practice Tuesday, defensive end Marlon Davidson made an interesting comment.

“I’ve got the mind that I can run down anybody,” Davidson said. “Even, like, a leopard. I probably can’t, but that’s my mindset.”

That is not a bad mindset for a defender to possess and Davidson will be asked to set the defensive edge and run down many talented, fast running backs and quarterbacks this season.

As for chasing down a leopard, probably not.

Leopards are able to reach speeds of 36 miles per hour. Olympic gold medal sprinter Usain Bolt has been clocked close to 28 miles per hour. The near 300-pound Davidson’s best chance of running down a leopard is making sure the cat never gets started.

Davidson had an outstanding freshman season and is expected to be a leader along the defensive front in 2017. But asked about being a starter last season, he said it never felt routine.

“It never did,” Davidson said. “I never felt like I made it.”

Regardless of what Davidson felt, his performance says otherwise. He had 37 tackles as a freshman and registered 2.5 sacks lining up on the opposite side of Carl Lawson.

Davidson also shared a positive perspective about Byron Cowart’s move to defensive tackle. Cowart who according to ESPN was the nation’s No. 1 overall recruit in 2015, has never clicked at the defensive end position. So despite his relatively diminutive size for the position, 250 pounds, Auburn is giving him a look at defensive tackle.

**This was originally posted at Gridiron Now.**