Will Bryce Brown Play against Kentucky?

By February 13, 2018TLB Podcast

The Lunch Break Podcast: Will Bryce Brown play against Kentucky?

By  TLB Podcast

Welcome to The Lunch Break Podcast. On the show Tuesday, Zac Blackerby and Noah Gardner are joined by Justin Ferguson of SEC country to preview Auburn basketball vs. Kentucky. 

Use the following time marks to navigate the podcast:

Start of show: Zac, Noah, and Justin preview the basketball match up for Wednesday night!
19:30 – minute mark: How would Purifoy being cleared to play affect Auburn’s chemistry?
30:00 – minute mark: Will Kam Petway’s draft place fall due to his character?
49:00 Mark –  
The second hour opens with the potential of Bryce Brown playing against Kentucky.

End of show: Zac, Noah, and Justin preview the NBA all star weekend!



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